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Историята на фирмата започва през 1968, следвайки сливането на две по-малки фирми, специализирани в производството на лагери, създадени през 50-те години на миналия век в Сарагоса, Испания.

Успехът на Fersa през последното десетилетие се дължи на три основни принципа: интензивни инвестиции в областта на проучванията и разработките, пълна модернизация на всички производствени процеси и прилагане на корпоративна стратегия, чиято цел е непрестанният стремеж към високо качество.

От 2003-та година насам, инвестициите в отдела за проучвания и разработки се равняват на 5 до 6 процента от годишната печалба. Това се оказва решаващ фактор за получаването на редица сертификати, определящи лагерите на Fersa като подходящи за първично вграждане и използването им в различни OEM.

Плановете на фирмата за период 2012-2014 включват откриване на производствена база в САЩ и създаване на нов център за проучвания в Германия.

fersa bearing factory inside
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Optibelt belting Optibelt machine belts Optibelt belting Optibelt belting Optibelt industrial belts


Corporate history:

The company history began in 1872 when Emil Arntz founded the Höxtersche Gummifädenfabrik in Höxter, Germany.
In 1948 the company starts manufacturing power transmission belts quickly building up the reputation of a top-quality products supplier.
At present Optibelt is a leading manufacturer of power transmission belting. It has production facilities in Germany, United kingdom, Romania and in other countries. German high quality products are widely used by automobile and industrial original equipment manufacturers worldwide.


NTN SNR is among the leading bearing manufacturers worldwide, ranking third in market share.

NTN SNR applications
NTN and SNR, both with over 90 years of experience in the production of high quality bearings merged in 2007. NTN acquired a 35% stake in SNR's capital, raising it to 51% in 2008.
NTN autotmotive bearings

NTN history:


The birth of a world leader.
NTN history 1918 - The future founders of NTN - investor Noboru Niwa, his sales company Tomoe Trading Co. and engineer Jiro Nishizono (small picture to the right) joined efforts to design and manufacture the first NTN ball bearings in Nishizono Ironworks.

NTN history

1922 - A Swedish vessel carrying bearings sinks in the port of Kobe. The load is auctioned and bought by Mr Niwa. In the aftermath of this extremely profitable deal Mr Niwa buys three machines for grinding of bearing balls and has them installed in Nishizono Ironworks. Together with Mr Jiro Nishizono - a highly skilled engineer and owner of Nishizono Ironworks he starts to study and analyse the newly acquired bearings. Their industry and patience are rewarded and the first NTN bearings soon become a fact.

Noboru Niwa
founder and first president of NTN

NTN presentation 1923 - Nishizono Ironworks and Tomoe Trading Co. begin a joint manufacture and sales of NTN brand bearings.
European ambition
1961 - NTN sets foot on the European market founding NTN Wälzlager (Europa) G.m.b.H. in West Germany. Later the same year a large investment is made in needle bearings technology. When you consider that the first payment amounted to more than 17% of the total company capital, it took probably a good deal of courage on behalf of NTN management to invest through a technical cooperation agreement with INA. Fortunately, boldness sometimes pays off as NTN became a leader in needle bearings.

1964 - Subsidiaries NTN France S.A. and NTN Bearings (UK) Ltd. come into being.
1967 - Mr. Haupler, who joined NTN in 1967, did real pioneering work as manager of the Stuttgart branch.
At that time the market in Germany was dominated by two other firms and it was extremely difficult to sell Japanese products. Mr. Haupler, however, succeeded in convincing various key customers of the excellent quality of NTN products and today NTN is one of the key suppliers to such companies as Bosch and Daimler Benz.
Due to his successful work, Mr. Haupler was promoted to Sales Director and finally Vice President of NTN Germany in 1990. After 27 years of outstanding service he went into a well-earned retirement in 1994.
1971 - Establishment of NTN Kugellagerfabrik G.m.b.H (Germany, Mettmann).
1996 - Opening of an office in Italy.

1998 - Establishment of NTN Transmission Europe for CVJ production through a joint venture with Renault (France).

2000 - NTN Group completed full certification for the ISO9000 series.
2005 - All Group plants completed certification for the ISO/TS16949 series.
2006 - Capital Investment in German Auto-parts Manufacturer IFA-Antriebstechnik GmbH for the Expansion of European Constant Velocity Joints (CVJ) Business.
2006 - Capital Participation into RENAULT's Subsidiary SNR Roulements.